About Us

We are a couple of professional gardeners who enjoy designing beautiful outdoor spaces. Having both trained to RHS level 3 and with combined experience of over 20 years of horticulture we could say we know a thing or two about plants and gardens!

Taking the Work out of Gardens

As gardeners we know how much time it takes to maintain outdoor spaces.

All our designs balance high impact planting and landscaping, with low maintenance requirements

Augmented Nature

We feel there is a huge amount to gain from bringing as much life into a garden as possible.

We believe in working with nature to create beautiful spaces. Our designs aim to attract wildlife and provide a haven for birds, bees and butterflies.

Ideas and Inspiration

Our consultation service can provide you with the ideas and inspiration to breath new life into your outdoor space. We'll listen to what you enjoy most about gardens and build our designs from there.

Once implemented we can make return visits to carry out the specialist maintenance tasks that really bring out the best of you garden

Design Principles

We take a bold approach to outdoor spaces, looking to blend our human needs with an appreciation for the natural world. Gardens should be more than a pretty backdrop to a building or house - rather they should be an immersive experience in themselves providing interest and mystery at every turn.

The Imbolc Design Team

Nat Angus

Natalie is an RHS level 3 Horticulturist, with a BA in Fine Art Ceramics. Training originally with a landscaping firm and then moving into the Historic and Botanic Gardeners Trainee Scheme at Biddulph Grange - a National Trust garden in Staffordshire. Currently Nat is a Head Gardener at a remembrance garden in Cheshire.

Benedict Powell-Williams

Benedict is an RHS level 3 Horticulturist. Starting out as a landscaper then private estate gardener, Benedict moved into public gardens with English Heritage and later at Dunham Massey, a National Trust garden near Manchester. Benedict is currently working at a remembrance garden in Cheshire.

Our Services


All our projects start with a consultation.

We'll visit your garden and have a discussion about what it is you need us to do. We will be able to provide advice and direction on how to best look after your garden and/or will undertake a survey of the space to allow us to draw up accurate plans. For larger gardens and spaces we may make an additional trip to complete the survey.

Fees start at £100 for a one hour visit. Larger projects may require more time to discuss and survey and this will be charged accordingly

Garden Designs

We'll start with ideas and use them to develop a plan

Often we'll produce a series of mood boards to develop concepts and suggest materials and key plants. In discussion with you we'll then take elements from these to create a fully fledged design scheme.

Garden designs start at around  £1000, depending on the scale of the project. We'll produce scale drawings that can be given to a landscaping company to accurately create your new garden. Key trees and shrubs will be included in the designs where required as well as specification for all hard landscape elements such as patios, paths, ponds etc.

DEtailed Border plans

We can produce detailed border designs, providing colour throughout the year

Often clients need help with selecting the right plants for the right places - whether exisiting borders or in a newly designed space. We have years of experience in designing borders to provide colour and interest throughout the year, whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum.

So whether you have a dry, sunny border or a deeply shaded corner that you just can't seem to get right, we'll be able to help you develop your planted areas into something spectacular.

Detailed border plans are priced at £100 + £5 per square metre.

Supplying plants

We have been working with local nurseries and wholesalers for a long time

This means we can get large numbers of plants very cheaply! If you need help with getting hold of all those lovely specimens in your design then we can order and arrange for delivery right to your door.